Your desire - our demand

Good individual devices are just one part of the picture. Efficient engineering that adapts them to specific customer situations is an entirely different business. ULT provides that different business.

grossfilter bearbStarting point is the adaptation of the extraction point to individual process conditions. If necessary, our engineers will design the appropriate extraction solution to fit directly into the customer's production plant.


Our work is not over until everything is running smoothly

Further services include the development of specific filter combinations, provision of extra features and adherence to specific framework conditions such as energy consumption.

On request, our services culminate in the design of a complete hall solution, where many devices have to be interconnected and monitored – manufacturing, assembly, installation and handover of the complete system included.


If you plan to equip your production facility with extraction and filtration systems, you are welcome to ask for assistance:

Email +49 3585 4128 0

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