In addition to the JUMBO Elephant extraction and ionization unit, ULT offers an accessory kit, consisting of various test and measurement devices as well as cleaning tools.

One of these is the ‘Ion Check Set’, which includes a functional tester for ionization systems (Ion Check) and a measuring probe for high voltage power supply check (Ion Check Test Probe). Additionally, a field intensity meter for measuring electrostatic charges on material surfaces (ELFI I) is included as part of the kit. A cleaning kit, consisting of 0.5 l cleaning agent and a brush, completes the new accessory.

The accessory kit extends the application opportunities of the JUMBO Elephant, in particular in terms of checking electrostatic charges before and after device utilization.

The JUMBO Filtertrolley Elephant is a mobile cleaning system for electrostatically charged surfaces. It unites ionization, compressed air cleaning, extraction and filtration technologies as a one-stop shop.

Active ionization neutralized surface charges and loosens electrostatically adhering dusts.

An integrated compressed air nozzle helps to remove also finest particles from indentations. The stirred up particles are safely exhausted and filtered.

For ideal component safety and extraordinary extraction effects, the mounted extraction hose is equipped with a circular brush. It prevents dust particles to be released to the outside and can be used for pre-cleaning of wells.

The low-noise units an be utilized in any field where highly clean surfaces are needed, e.g. plastics processing, electronics manufacturing or precision engineering.


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