ULT AG, vendor of air technology solutions, continues to expand, adding a new production facility to its headquarters in Loebau/Germany.

Opening its fifth production hall earlier this year, has meant adding 1,500 m² of manufacturing space as the company meets the needs of a continuously increasing order intake. The new plant provides modern production lines for ULT’s extensive product range.

“The growing demand for our extraction and filtration solutions as well as the successful development of our new business unit process air-drying technologies left us with no other choice”, says Alexander Jakschik, ULT’s Chief Financial and Sales Manager. “Additionally, the new facility is an investment into the future, as we are expanding internationally, and our modern and powerful production capability will be supporting this expansion.”

Within the additional production space, systems for air purification as well as process air dehumidification will be manufactured. These systems and system solutions are successfully utilized globally in many industries.


The corporate history of ULT AG


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