„Skuteczne przechwytywanie zanieczyszczeń w powietrzu” jest głównym tematem targów ULT na targach SMTconnect 2019 w dniach 07-09 maja w Norymberdze / Niemczech.

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Introducing the new system series ULT 160.1, ULT AG provides the next generation of portable fume extraction units for small and medium air pollutant quantities.

Czytaj więcej: New generation of mobile fume extraction units

ULT AG will introduce established and new solutions for air and gas purification in 3D printing processes at the formnext, international exhibition on generative manufacturing technologies.

Czytaj więcej: Solutions for air and gas cleaning in additive manufacturing at formnext 2018

ULT AG introduces two new extraction system versions for the removal of gases, vapors and odors.

Czytaj więcej: System Concept for sustainable Extraction of Gases, Odors and Vapors

At the SMT Hybrid Packaging trade show in Nuremberg/Germany (05-07 June 2018)  vendor ULT AG will introduce a worldwide unique new fume extraction system concept.

Czytaj więcej: New Extraction and Filtration System Concept at SMT 2018

Introducing its redesigned ULT 200 unit series, ULT AG is not only providing a new device generation but a completely new system concept.

Czytaj więcej: New user-friendly Fume Extraction System Concept

ULT, vendor of air treatment and fume extraction technology, had recently opened a subsidiary in the USA.

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ULT AG will stage the sixth ULT Symposium in Löbau/Germany on 08/09 May 2018. The conference, conducted every two years, is covered by the motto “Air Handling for new Technologies”.

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ULT AG introduces a conductive version to its device series LAS 260. The new system is ideally suited for extraction and filtration tasks in processing materials that may generate easily inflammable or explosive dust/air mixtures, such as titanium.  

Czytaj więcej: New Extraction and Filtration System for easily inflammable Dust/Air Mixtures