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You execute welding processes and look for an efficient extraction and filtration system for air purification? We gladly support you in any way in terms of welding fume removal.

The SRA equipment series covers the entire range of welding fume extraction and filtration technology at manual work places and in automated production.


Storage filter system for welding fume:


Cartridge filter system for welding fume:


North American customers please refer to welding fume extraction utilizing the ULT Airtower



The Importance of Welding Fume Extraction

Occupational health and safety in production and manufacturing have achieved increased importance in current years. It has become a part of the job rather than an annoyance. Manufacturing processes increased in complexity, and occurring pollutants have become smaller and particularly more exotic.

Welding fume extraction and filtration is important. Why? Pollutants of any size may have impact on humans, machines and products. High sickness absence rate or even serious diseases of employees have negative economic effects on a company just like malfunctioning machines due to pollutions. Maintenance expenses, rework and finally loss of reputation and falling demands are the predominant adverse effects. Welding fume, obviously has straight impact on health and production quality.

The capture of contaminants is regulated by law in various countries. These regulations determine risk categories for specific hazardous substances, e.g. in types of health damaging effects (carcinogenic, mutagenic or  reproduction harrassing).

The utilisation of welding fume extraction and filtration systems makes sense, because:

● large quantities of hazardous pollutant are extracted

● there are relatively low capture efforts

● good filtration opportunities are given

● low energy consumption possible

Modern extraction and filtration technology covers a wide range of airborne contaminants. In the case of welding fume, ULT provides well-proven solutions that meet many applications. Welding fume extraction and filtration is imporant. That's why.


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