You utilise an automated system or execute hand soldering, and necessarily look for an extractor that meets the requirements of your processes and on-site situations?

The LRA equipment series covers the entire range of fume extraction and filtration technologies – at manual work places as well as in automated and semi-automated production.


Overview systems for solder fume extraction


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ULT LRA 2015 en
Brochure Extraction and Filtration Systems for Soldering Fumes

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Soldering fume extraction systems
Brochure Extraction and Filtration Systems for Soldering Fumes



The importance of pollutant removal and filtration

Occupational health and safety in manufacturing companies have become increasingly important in recent years. Today it should be seen as a part of the job rather than an annoyance. Manufacturing processes have gained in complexity, and resulting pollutants have become smaller and particularly more exotic.

Extraction and filtration of airborne contaminants is important. Why? Pollutants of any size always affect people, machines, products, and the environment. In addition to social and human aspects, a high sickness absence rate of employees has adverse economic effects on a company just like malfunctioning machines due to pollutions or contaminated products. Maintenance expenses, rework and finally loss of reputation and falling demand are the predominant adverse effects.

The capture of airborne contaminants is regulated by law in various countries. These regulations determine risk categories for specific hazardous substances, e.g. in terms of fire and explosion risks or in types of health damaging effects (carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic for reproduction).

These are several reasons for the utilisation of solutions that remove hazardous substances before they may have an impact on humans, production systems and products.

Modern extraction and filtration technology covers a wide range of airborne contaminants. ULT provides  solutions that meet nearly any application scenario. If it's about mobile units for limited spaces or changing workplaces or stationary systems for automated production - it's your choice we'd like to make with you together. You are welcome to contact us


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