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Some odors are simply unpleasant. Adhesive and other solvent vapors, however, are organic hydrocarbon compounds and are anything but harmless. They act as respiratory toxins and allergens. Irritations of respiratory tract and eyes occur within short term.

The ACD equipment series covers the entire range of extraction and filtration technologies for odors, gases and vapors. Special versions meet the requirements of explosion protection specifications or protection from aggressive environmental conditions.

Utilizing adsorption techniques, we take care for clean air in your production or reasearch environment.


Overview extraction and filtration units for odors, gases, and vapors:


ACD series brochures on odor, vapor and gas extraction:

extraction filtration gases vapours odoursPDF version

ult acd 2016 enFlip Book


Paper on air purification by fume extraction systems in laboratories

paper air purification and fume extraction in the lab








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