Laser fume extraction for Keyence marking units

Below you will find a matrix to simplify the selection of the suitable extraction and filtration system for your laser marker. It shows which extraction system we would recommend technically and economically for which laser marker type from the provider Keyence.

Among others, this information is the result of many years of experience and a variety of practical installations.


Keyence laser markers

Laser marker
Suitable fume extractor
MD-X1000 LAS 260 HD.19
MD-X1000C LAS 260 HD.19
MD-X1020 LAS 1200 MD.18
MD-X1020C LAS 1200 MD.18
MD-X1050 LAS 260 HD.19
MD-X1500 LAS 260 HD.19
MD-X1500C LAS 260 HD.19
MD-X1520 LAS 1200 MD.18
MD-X1520C LAS 1200 MD.18
MD-F3200 LAS 260 HD.19
MD-F3200C LAS 260 HD.19
MD-F3220 LAS 1200 MD.18
MD-F3220C LAS 1200 MD.18
MD-F5200 LAS 260 HD.19
MD-F5200C LAS 260 HD.19
MD-F5220 LAS 1200 MD.18
MD-F5220C LAS 1200 MD.18
ML-Z9610 LAS 260 HD.19
ML-Z9610T LAS 260 HD.19
ML-Z9620 LAS 1200 MD.18
ML-Z9620T LAS 1200 MD.18
ML-Z9650 LAS 260 HD.19
ML-Z9650T LAS 260 HD.19

LAS 260 HD.19

MD-U1020C LAS 260 HD.19
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