Dew points below 5° C (5.4 g / kg absolute humidity) cannot be achieved effectively with simple drying methods such as condensation drying. Here, sorption drying is recommended.

The most important component of such a system is the sorption rotor coated with a special sorbent. It rotates at a speed adapted to the process and absorbs the moisture from the process air flow. In countercurrent, warm air is passed through the sorption rotor, which removes the moisture and thereby dries it. The water-laden exhaust air is then released into the environment.

Necessary characteristics of the sorbent:

  • Large storage density
  • High adsorption effect with low water content
  • Desorption of the bound water with the lowest possible expenditure of energy


Schematic structure

system scheme process air dryer sorption technology


Relationship between temperature and humidity

temperature humidity diagram sorption drying


Do you have any questions about the functionality or the effective use of our ULT Dry-Tec sorption dryer concept? Just contact us. We alook forward to your message.

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