sorptions dryer semiconductors electronics productionMany industrial processes often require fresh air, but this can contain a lot of moisture and is subject to strong daily and seasonal fluctuations. In addition, humans generate additional moisture through breathing and sweating, which puts additional strain on the production environment.

If this humidity comes or remains uncontrolled in the production environment, it may have significant impact on the production costs and the quality of the products.

If the influence of humid air or the problems arising from it are taken into account from the outset, negative effects on manufacturing costs as well as process and product quality can be avoided right from the start using suitable air treatment systems and comprehensive monitoring.

Therefore, it is important  - and technically possible - to avoid foreseeable malfunctions and damage due to humidity at the beginning of the process, rather than having to deal with the damage repair and the resulting follow-up costs and problems afterwards.


Do you have a specific application or would you like to find out more details about the use of a system for process air drying? Contact us - we look forward to your message.

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