process air drying in food and beverage productionIn order to prevent the risk of pest infestation, bacterial growth and the formation or spread of mold, an effective preparation of the production and storage conditions is necessary in the production of any type of food and beverage goods.

An extremely effective way of reducing the associated production risks is to avoid environmental conditions that are vital for bacteria and germs. In addition to the temperature, the humidity of the environment plays a decisive role. If you lower the moisture content of the environment, you automatically lower the water activity of the surfaces and product residues concerned.

On the other hand, an insufficiently dimensioned drying system or insufficiently flexible process control can lead to unforeseeable risks for producers and consumers and thus to serious losses in quality and consequently also in profits.


Do you have a specific application or would you like to find out more details about the use of a system for process air drying? Contact us - we look forward to your message.

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