process air drying for bulk good handlingIn the storage, transport and production of hygroscopic powders, there is a risk in every processing step that the quality of the respective products will be impaired or damaged by ambient humidity or that their transport and storage properties will be negatively affected.

For example, the aging of cement can be traced back to a reaction of the cement with water due to, among other things, diffusion processes through the packaging layer. Aging can already take place during the production and later during storage of the cement and has a significant effect on the physical, chemical and mechanical properties. Chemical additives for the building industry can also decrease significantly in their effectiveness due to the aging of the cement. The hydration of individual layers or areas triggered by the water prevents or reduces the homogeneous binding capacity of the aged building material and can lead to its uselessness

By controlling and regulating, i.e. dehumidifying the often too high humidity of the ambient air at the storage location, the optimal operating conditions for each process step can be set at any time.

For such products and storage conditions, an almost absolute dryness would be optimal, but this would lead to complex and uneconomical systems, which is why a precise assessment and detailed calculation of the necessary systems must be done here too.


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