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Dry process air based on sorption technologies

ULT Dry-Tec® is a  modular approach for higly efficient and energetically optimised adsorption drying.

The system was developed for process air dehumidification at dew point temperatures of down to -66°C (-87° F). It is based on the rotation dehumidification principle, designed to be utilised in sensitive areas such as chemical, pharmaceutical, process industries, food, battery or electronics production as well as  in measurement and drying chambers.

ULT Dry-Tec was designed specifically for extremely dry process air atmospheres. The unit provides an extraordinary extraction rate at very low residual moisture level between 0.05%-40% constant relative air humidity .

Optimised high-performance sorption rotors guarantee a high efficiency level during low maintenance operation. An integrated heat exchanger provides energy recovery. 

The ULT Cool-Tec™ modules have been developed for air cooling. Depending on your requirements, they can be utilised for precooling process air or aftercooling exhaust air from the ULT Dry-Tec sorption module.



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Flyer ULT Dry-Tec

ULT Dry-Tec for process air drying


ult dry-tec yir drying conditioning

ULT Dry-Tec for dispensing and packaging


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Success story ULT Dry-Tec at initiative Blue Competence



If you would like to know more on process air drying based on sorption technology, please contact us. We look forward to your enquiry.

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