Application Fields

  • Laser processing in medical technology
  • HF surgery, ophthalmology, dermatology, dentistry, anaesthesia, veterinary medicine etc
  • For small amounts of air contaminants and particles
  • For changing workplaces and conditions


  • Uniquely designed mobile extraction and filtration unit
  • Mobile evacuator for medical laser fume
  • Flexible utilisation for various applications
  • High suction power, steplessly adjustable
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Simple filter handling, access via suction plate
  • Impact resistant ABS, chemical resistant, corrosion resistant
  • Installation of extraction arms (Ø 50, 63, 75) and application-specific capturing elements
  • Utilization of H and U filters enables for virus separation


Technical Specifications

Device version JUMBO Filtertrolly 2.0 MED
Max. air flow m³/h 190
Max. vacuum Pa 3,200
Nominal capacity m³/h/Pa 80/1,900
Dimensions (WxDxH) mm




ult jumbo med en







Benefits of fume evacuation

Laser fume, occurring in medical applications, means a health risk for both patients and medical staff. It is a respirable germ-laden mixture of fine dust and corrosive aerosols, which makes solely mouth protection an insufficient solution.

It is undeniable that laser smoke contains carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, benzene and other toxic chemicals. The regular and proper utilization of a laser fume evacuator protects humans from developing upper respiratory infections, eye irritations, nausea etc.

Building up firmly adhering layers of contamination, laser fume also damages instrument technology. Pollutants therefore, must be completely eliminated directly at their places of origin.

The ULT JUMBO Filtertrolley 2.0 MED provides a practicable solution for medical laser fume extraction. In addition, laser-typical unpleasant odors can be removed.


We will gladly provide you with additional information on the extraction unit. Furthermore, we can configure your individual solution if required. You are welcome to contact us:

eMail +49 3585 4128 0

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