Mobile fume extraction - quiet and versatile for clean air at any workplace

Are you looking for an industrial vacuum cleaner? How about a portable system that can flexibly be adapted to your specific working requirements, though efficiently removing all ocurring airborne substances and particulates  in an extremely quiet manner?

The mobile fume extractor ULT JUMBO Filtertrolley 2.0 is a basic unit for many variants of use.

Utilizing various filter inserts and capturing elements, it can be variably adjusted to any needs and requirements.
You can use this unit for extracting and filtering finest dust, medical laser smoke, soldering fumes, odors or solvent vapors, and much more.


Benefits of the mobile fume extraction unit:

Extremely quiet
There is no comparable fume extraction and filtration unit providing such low-noise operation (< 54 db(A)).


Handy and compact
The JUMBO Filtertrolley can be easily transported. This is why it is particularly suitable for varying work sites.


Functional design
You can use this unit either standing upright or lying. It, however, easily fits under a working table.


Easy to operate
The  JUMBO Filtertrolley allows the use of different filters within one unit by easy interchange. Electronic volumetric flow control and filter monitoring simplify operations.


For efficient pollutant removal
The portable extraction unit can be equipped with various suction elements, such as extraction arms. This way, best ecapturing rate is guaranteed.


Additional Information on the mobile fume extraction unit

ult mobile fume extraction jumbo

PDF version

ult mobile fume extraction jumbo en

Flip book


We provide specifically developed variants of the JUMBO Filtertrolley for special applications


Are you interested in more information on our mobile fume extraction units? Please contact us.

eMail +49 3585 4128 0

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