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 The importance of efficient contaminant capturing

The importance and efficient utilization of capturing elements

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Catching pollutants directly at their source increases the efficiency of an extraction and filtration unit. This way, the required extracting capacities and economic efforts can be kept at a minimum. This will help you to save costs.

The ULT AG is happy to advise you to select the best suitable capturing element for your specific application. Adaptations cover a variety of solutions, ranging from extraction tips and hoods via extraction arms to complete housing of the source of pollution.

We provide you the best products from the portfolios of leading suppliers of collection elements.


Available extraction arms

extraction arm alsident

Extraction arms and capturing elements from Alsident®

extraction arm flextractor

FLEXTRACTOR hood positioning devices

Available in the ULT webshop (German)


Please find more information on extraction arms and capturing elements in the Download area.


For enquiries and requests on extraction arms, their ideal utilization and application opportunities please contact us.

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