The following extraction and filtration systems are no longer part of the ULT standard product portfolio. They have been replaced by newer versions.


Device series Type Type Type Type Type Type Type Type Type Type Type
LAS  for laser fume   LAS 150       LAS 210   LAS 220   LAS 250   LAS 280       LAS 1000            
LRA for soldering fume   LRA 150   LRA 200   LRA 210   LRA 220   LRA 250           LRA 1000            
ASD for dust and smoke   ASD 150       ASD 210   ASD 220   ASD 250   ASD 280       ASD 1000   ASD PN        
ACD for odors, gases and vapors       ACD 200   ACD 210       ACD 250       ACD 300   ACD 1000            
SRA for welding fume       SRA 200       SRA 220   SRA 250   SRA 280   SRA 300   SRA 1000   SRA PN   SRA SKP 220   SRA SKW 20/30
AOD for oil and emulsion mists               AOD 220   AOD 250                       AOD SKW 20/30
JUMBO Filtertrolley   JUMBO Nail                                        


Please note: The entire AMS product range for dry dusts has not been manufactured any longer since 2012. Depending on the application, its service ranges are now covered by the series ASD or ACD.

Of course, you will continue to receive our full service for any product, incl. provision of filter elements, repair and maintenance.


If you have any requests on the extraction and filtration systems at your facility or want to replace your current system by a new version, do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to supporting you at anytime.

eMail +49358541280

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