ULT is expanding its product portfolio in the field of process air dehumidification with solutions from COTES, a Danish vendor of adsorption technology.

Frank Schimmelmann, CEO ULT Dry-Tec GmbHDue to the continually growing demand for high-performance dehumidifying systems in the fields of chemical production, food storage and the packaging industry, but also in the currently rapidly growing market of the battery sector (dry room supply and mini environments), the ULT will strategically partner with COTES, starting December 2021.

In addition to its own ULT Dry-Tec® series of air-drying devices, ULT is from now on able to offer COTES stainless steel sorption systems, providing up to 60,000 m³/h of dry process air flow.

“As a new COTES partner and with the company's product portfolio, including stainless steel systems and the now expanded sizes, we are also able to offer large-scale system projects with first-class air-drying technology in the new partner network. Furthermore, we will reliably expand our service with COTES systems within Germany, hence the system availability through our maintenance and service area continues to be guaranteed for customers as usual”, says Frank Schimmelmann, CEO of ULT Dry-Tec GmbH. “During our first personal meeting with COTES CEO Thomas Rønnow at the Battery Show in Stuttgart, I particularly noticed the stainless steel quality and the workmanship of the COTES systems, and logically we started a conversation. I immediately felt that our mutual ideas about the market, the quality standards and our common mentality go very well together”.

“I’m convinced that with ULT we have found a technically competent partner in the rapidly growing sectors of battery and pharmaceutical production as well as in the food industry. I’m very much looking forward to working with ULT in the future“, states Thomas Rønnow, CEO of COTES A / S.

Both companies, but above all their customers, benefit from the new strategic partnership with new solution concepts within sorption drying and the resulting range of process air drying in the German market.


At the Battery Show Europe 2021 in Stuttgart from November 30th to December 2nd, ULT will present drying systems from COTES for the first time – stand 6.520.


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