At productronica 2021, ULT AG will present proven and new solutions from extraction and filtration technology that have been specially designed for air pollutants in electronics production.

soldering fume extraction at productronicaAir pollution control or air purification has become an essential hygiene factor during the corona pandemic. However, the use of fume extraction technology in electronics manufacturing has already been established - primarily as part of occupational health and safety.

Moreover, systems for air purification in industrial production offer added values, among others, they ensure clean manufacturing processes and, thus support the quality of production and products.

At productronica 2021, ULT AG will be showing its portfolio of solutions in extraction and filtration technology, which ensure clean air in the production of electronic goods: From mobile and flexible systems to stationary solutions, ULT offers a wide range of filter systems that effectively and sustainably remove, for example, soldering or laser fumes, adhesive fumes, or the finest dusts.

The LAS 800 extraction system for laser fume and dust is a true innovation. It was developed for the removal of large quantities of the finest particles and gases that are produced during laser processing of metals, plastics, and other non-metallic materials. It is currently one of the quietest systems in its class, which scores with its compact, robust, and flexible design, in addition to a long filter service life and simple installation and maintenance options.

What makes the LAS 800 system special, is the multitude of options. These offer users previously unimagined options for adapting the extraction system flexibly to changing processes and materials on the one hand and guaranteeing safe use with combustible dust on the other.

The optimal capture of airborne pollutants forms the basis for the efficiency of extraction and filter systems. To this end, ULT will be presenting selected standard solutions at productronica, which are examples of the variety of capturing elements and extraction arms. In addition, the company offers special capturing solutions that have been developed for special application scenarios.


productronica 2021: hall A4, stand 549


eMail +49358541280

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