ULT AG, vendor of fume extraction systems for industrial air cleaning, has expanded the performance range around the system series ULT 1500/2000/2500 for laser fume, dusts of any kind and welding fume.

ult large-scale extraction systems laser fume and dust collectionFrom planning to installation to commissioning, ULT advises and accommodates the users of extraction and filtration systems. The services, coordinated centrally, have been extended: on the one hand by the expansion of services, and on the other through special system configuration options.

In the service area, the company offers three service packages of different levels. Users can determine the scope of services and run times themselves, for example when it comes to maintenance or emergency assistance. Among others, a warranty extension is possible. Furthermore, an emergency hotline is available 24/7.

The processing of different materials generates different air pollutants. They vary, e.g. in size, composition and physical as well as chemical properties. For such cases, ULT has developed an individual qualified format. If necessary, a metering unit can be added to increase the service life of the filters. The powdered filter aid creates a protective layer on the surface of the filter cartridges and binds the dust particles into an easy-to-clean filter cake.

For vapor or odor removal, there is also the option of connecting post-filter boxes or another filter system. The size and system configuration result from the application itself, i.e. ULT advises customers on the selection of solutions regarding the process.

The extraction systems of the ULT 1500/2000/2500 series with air volumes between 1,000 and 3,000 m³ / h are based on an optimally configured, modular device and filter concept that guarantees high pollutant separation rates, simplified filter handling and long filter service life. In addition to cost and time savings, users benefit from individual solutions for any installation situation.

If required, the systems are equipped with safety technology for extracting flammable or explosive substances. They score with other advantages such as the use of gate valve technology, high quality filter materials, access to the system from the front or a remote-control cabinet with control and operating elements.

The performance range is rounded off by a configurable range of extraction arms from the brand Flextractor. They help to reliably capture emissions of various compositions, including aggressive or explosive substances.

That is why they are suitable for use in a wide variety of industries, such as bulk goods or laser material processing. Generally, all joining, cutting, or marking processes via laser technology as well as grinding, cutting, milling, and polishing processes, or even powder filling procedures are supported.


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