ULT AG provides extraction and filtration systems that are principally able to separate viruses through the utilization of particle filters.

Mobile extraction and filtration unit JUMBO MEDThe mobile fume extraction system JUMBO Filtertrolley MED is equipped with U15 filters as standard So-called H13 / H14 filters High Efficiency Particulate Arrestors (HEPA filters according to ISO 35/40/45 H and ISO 50 U) as well as U15 filters Ultra Low Particulate Air (ULPA filters according to ISO 55/60 U) can separate particles in the dimension of viruses, including Corona Virus and aerosols as possible carriers for viruses.

In addition, ULT AG is able to generate air currents in the room with its extraction systems, removing suspended matter in the nm range over larger distances, i.e. effectively eliminating the finest of particles from the ambient air, including viruses. Therefore, the utilization of air cleaning systems can be seen as additional protection to the existing measures such as "keeping your distance" or wearing face masks.

Ideally suited in situations where proximity between people is inevitable, for example in dental surgeries, the device JUMBO MED (Med = medicine) can be used.

ULT AG is ready and asks for third parties, interested in applying extraction and filtration systems. The company is well-known for many years to be acting as its customers‘ partner, including on-site planning and installation of ideally configured air cleaning systems. Due to this long-term experience, ULT experts build on already applied knowledge, which enables special or customer-specific installations in the shortest possible time.

Possible areas of application include offices, hospitals, medical practices and their waiting areas, common rooms of public institutions, etc.


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