ULT AG has increased efficiency of its well-proven ULT Dry-Tec® 7.2 arid system series for adsorption drying, therefore reducing operating costs for users.

Specifically, it is a direct saving of thermal output of up to 35 % compared to the energy requirement without additional heat recovery.

ult dry tec 7 2 arid sorption air dryingBased on a new concept for energy recovery by means of an integrated heat exchanger, a significant reduction in the energy requirement for air drying can be achieved. This heat exchanger now has an efficiency of up to 80% and fits into the existing housing structure without having to resort to additional external system elements.

The heat is obtained from the exhaust air flow and a part of the contained and thus usable condensation heat. This otherwise unused energy directly heats the extracted regeneration air flow and thus helps to save energy in the sorption wheel regeneration.

The ULT-Dry-Tec adsorption dryer module technology is based on the principle of rotary dehumidification to be utilized in sensitive areas of the process industry, e.g. food, pharmaceutical or chemical industry.

The compact system design and the flexible arrangement of the modules significantly benefit in a relatively small footprint in relation to its performance and an associated low energy consumption. The process-optimized, high-performance sorption rotors adapted to the device design have already guaranteed the best possible efficiency under all operating conditions.


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