The ACD 1200 extraction and filtration system from ULT AG efficiently removes hazardous pollutants from the ambient air during gluing processes.

ult extraction unit for odors gases vaporsAvailable in three performance versions between 1,000 and 1,500 m³/h air flow, the unit can be utilized both mobile and stationary.

Bonding processes are increasingly applied in manufacturing industries. The ACD 1200 is particularly suitable for the extraction of vapors, gases and odors, which occur in gluing, laminating, coating, molding or cleaning processes.

Harmful air pollutants are exhausted via capturing elements (extraction arms, hoses, etc.) directly at their source and separated by several filtration stages. A combination of coarse dust pre-filters, compliant with DIN EN 779, and two adsorption filters (activated carbon) provides high separation rates. The cleaned air can be fed back to the working environment.

Thanks to pre-mounted castors, the robustly constructed ACD 1200 extraction system can be flexibly utilized at changing or different workplaces. Optionally, the integration of a digital system control is possible. The unit can additionally be operated automatically in connection with external production or processing machinery.

The ACD 1200 is also available in Ex-version for flammable air-gas-mixtures.


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