ULT AG will introduce a new extraction and filtration device generation at SMT Hybrid Packaging trade show in Nuremberg/Germany.

From 16 to 18 May visitors may receive first-hand information on the modular system concept for small and medium pollutant quantities.

Extraction and filtration units are utilized for air purification in electronics manufacturing. They remove airborne contaminants contained in emissions, such as laser fume, soldering fume, adhesives or welding fume.

Due to its modular design, the new device generation achieves an unrivalled level of flexibility, as the systems can be adjusted to changing production conditions according to the pollutant type and quantity.

The all-new vacuum stabilization guarantees a constant capture rate, with the unit increasing performance should the filters become saturated. The units are also capable of maintaining the required performance level even if there are several capturing elements, such as extraction arms or hoses attached to the sytem.

Additional features await discovery …

As in prior year, ULT’s long-term sales partner IVH Absaugtechnik will be co-exhibiting. The company will present the IAT 1200, the worldwide first worktable for barrier-free ESD protection. Interested parties are invited to find out more about the benefits of the interplay between ionization and extraction/filtration technology, completed by a multitude of add-on functions, on one table.

SMT Hybrid Packaging: hall 5, stand 312


Order tickets for the show:

eMail +49358541280

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