ULT AG, vendor of extraction and filtration technology for air purification, will its exhibit latest and well-proven systems at the EuroBlech trade show in Hanover, Germany from 25 to 29 October 2016.

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ASD 300 Ex

ULT’s extraction and filtration system, the ASD 300 Ex was developed for the removal of explosive dusts.

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SRA 1200 with Flextractor arm

ULT AG offers its welding fume extraction and filtration system, the SRA 1200, in different models and in conjunction with FLEXTRACTOR extraction arms.

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At the trade show SMT Hybrid Packaging 2016 in Nuremberg/Germany, ULT AG will exhibit new and well-proven extraction and filtration systems as well as solutions for ionisation of surfaces and assemblies.

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For the first time ever, ULT AG will exhibit at the French trade show Industrie Paris from 4th to 8th April, 2016.

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ULT AG provides a wide range of extraction arms for various applications, also providing special models, e.g. for ESD or Ex protection.

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ULT AG introduces the LAS 300.81-HFM054, an ATEX certified extraction and filtration unit with H class filtration that is suited for the removal of combustible dusts.

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ULT AG extends its well-proven model series LAS 260 by developing a new extraction system for laser and welding fumes, the LAS 260.HD 19 W3.

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ULT AG has further developed its extraction and filtration system for removal of laser fume and laser dust, the LAS 2500.

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