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New air pollutants

New materials and their processing in new production processes always generate new One Step Ahead of the Future.air pollutants. Most of them are hazardous for humans, machines and products and in general, they are difficult to eliminate. This is because the particle size since long has entered the nanometre range. Such extremely small particles are much more aggressive than their larger counterparts. So, if extraction and filtration technology should not become a sort of brake on innovations, it must be considered even in early steps of basic research and process development.


Driving force ULT AG

Therefore, ULT can be considered an innovation driving force. Together with leading German process engineers from universities, universities of applied science and Fraunhofer Institutes we explore air pollution problems of new manufacturing processes like e.g. ultra short pulse laser treatment for micromechanical machining. As soon as they become operational, the same will be valid for our extraction devices and filtration plants.

Consquently, ULT AG is member ain several well-known associations.

What you should be aware of in this context: At ULT technology transfer is no one-way street into future. Top-level research also improves fume extraction and process air drying technologies that you urgently need today.


Please conctact us if you wish further information on our extraction and filtration solutions. We are looking forward to your request.

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