Reliable systems for air purification


teamwork fume extraction systemsFume extraction systems designed for your specific processes

Offering a wide range of turn-key solutions, we provide you with perfectly tailored systems for air purification and the removal of hazardous airborne pollutants.

"Extraction. Filtration. Persistence.": Adopting this philosophy, ULT AG develops stationary and mobile extraction and filtration systems to be utilized in many industries, handiwork, and laboratories.

For any application. Under all circumstances.


We are your Partner!

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 Protecting humans, systems and products


Why should you decide on an air treatment solution from ULT AG? There are multiple reasons, the most important of which is that we are our customers' trusted partner.

But, please see for yourselves and watch our short corporate video that shows why ULT is a special vendor of fume extraction and filtration technologies:


How to get to us

how to get to usULT in Löbau/Germany.

ULT is headquartered in Löbau, Germany, approx. 75 kilometres east of Dresden, immersed in the picturesque countryside of the Upper Lusatia.

You can reach us comfortably via motorway BA4 or by rail.

Your way to ULT


Who we are

ULT AG. An awarded Company.

sachsens unternehmer des jahres 2016 ultULT AG is a globally active vendor of extraction and filtration technology for the removal of airborne pollutants. Contaminants may occur during many material processing in industry, handicraft, or laboratories. ULT's extraction systems effectively remove hazardous particles in surface treatment processes by means of laser, soldering, welding, glueing, grinding and many more. Utilizing highly efficient filtration technology also helps to get rid of gases, vapors, odors, and smoke. Consequently, the company's air purification solutions help to protect humans, machines and prodducts.

ULT's product portfolio ranges from mobile extraction units for manual work places, to stationary systems for production lines, up to air ventilation systems for complete facilities, or the support of large devices. In addition to turn-key products, we develop and produce specially configured solutions for customized applications and conditions.

Supporting extraction efficiency, ULT also provides extraction arms and capturing elements for a wide range of airborne contaminants.

Research and development is of highest importance for ULT. In addition to cooperations with engineering offices, we contribute in future particle and air condition developments that are investigated in institutes and universities. ULT has been DIN EN ISO 9001 certified for nearly 20 years and has won several industry and innovation awards. 

The company's managing directors Dr Stefan Jakschik and Alexander Jakschik, and company founder Dr Christian Jakschik were honored as "Saxony's Company of the Year 2016".